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Author Page.    Pamela Knight
Books   Overcoming Obstacles

Pamela R. Knight (1959-2017) was born in Houston, Texas to Houstonian parents, grew up in Independence Heights of Houston, Texas. For 10 years I was an Educational Aide (Paraprofessional) in Houston, Texas Aldine and Spring Independent Schools. In 2011, Pamela worked 10 years in ministry where she had the opportunity to counsel and coach couples, individuals, adolescents families and groups. She encountered people with a variety of hurts and needs including spiritual issues and direction ad relationship issues. Her first book “Overcoming Obstacles” (Survivor) February 8, 2017. I write using the gift God picked out for me. My writing is God’s gift to me. What I do with it is my gift to God. I figured out my purpose, figured out my passion, it lead me right into my purpose. Each gift is unique. I have considered the ability to write well and a special gift. Being a writer is closer too possible than you might have believed. I hope you have enjoyed my writing and I am very grateful. My love of writing God picked out for me. Love is Love.

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